Intuit® Council Member Joshua Azran Featured in Accounting Today Cloud Article

“We love to see our customers succeed and thrive. When they are featured on the cover of the March 2013 issue of Accounting Today, we jump and down with glee. When Joshua Azran let us know he was featured in “Seeing Your Way Into the Cloud,” a new special supplement in Accounting Today – we had to share the news. The story chronicles how his Joshua started his firm, Origins Group APC, and made the decision to move to the cloud. The cloud states Azran makes sure he is “never in the wrong place” and makes things “really easy.”
Joshua is a current member of the Intuit® Accountant and Advisor Customer Council member, a small group of Intuit customers who meet with Intuit twice a year to provide feedback and input on strategy, product development, and programs and services for Intuit’s Accounting Professionals Division.

Congratulations Joshua!”